Internal assessment of students' performance is both qualitative and quantitative. It is a continuous process which takes place throughout the year and includes theory as well as practicum courses. It is usually administered in the form of assignments (home assignments, class assignments as well as open book assignments), projects or presentations. The assessment tasks are exploratory in nature and are designed to assess the analytical and creative ability of the students. The assessing procedures include preparing questionnaires and interview schedules, data gathering, analysis and reflection by comparing and contrasting the existing theory, presentation of idea and review of literature, reasoning, putting forth arguments. House examinations are held in the month of November/December to provide an evaluative feedback to students. Annual examinations are held in the month of April/May. Promotion to next academic year is subject to students obtaining 40% marks in each written paper during final annual examinations, 45% in the written paper plus internal assessment, 50% in all Practicum taken together and 50% in the aggregate for each part. Candidates obtaining less than 50% aggregate in Practicum taken together are not allowed to appear in the Annual Examination