Welcome to the website of the Department of Elementary Education at LSR. The department, offering the Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed) – a four-year teacher education programme, provides a vibrant environment where every young woman can realise her potential. It ensures that every student acquires the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in a career in education and as a contributing member of society. The faculty of the department comprises of individuals specializing in various disciplines having varied research interests. It is deeply committed to nurturing individuals, who as teachers become reflective practitioners and can play a transformative role in school education.

The program has a truly multi-disciplinary approach which amalgamates the undergraduate studies in various subject disciplines along with the educational theories and pedagogical experience in a phased manner. The department regularly engages in research projects, organises seminars, panel discussions, workshops and field trips and mentors its students through the four years. Over the years, our students have been successfully incorporated in various capacities in different NGOs, Schools, private organizations, fellowship progammes and institutes of higher education. Being a faculty member of the department is both challenging and energising. Being the chair of the department is a deeply rewarding experience. Thanks for visiting our website.