Learning Beyond Classrooms

  1. Visits to Basti or slum dwellings for the first and second year students.
  2. Various Workshops related to ICT in Education, Understanding Sexuality, Children's Literature and Storytelling, Classroom Management, Gender issues and so on.
  3. Interactive Sessions with eminent educationalists on various issues of concern such as RTE, CCE, Quality in Education, Systemic Issues related to education and so on.
  4. Visit to an Alternative System of Schooling, possibly outside Delhi as part of the CM & MD practicum for the third year students.
  5. Interaction with scholars of international repute to provide learners a global exposure to the discourse of Education.
  6. Screening of movies exploring socio-cultural- politico- economical dimensions of education, to engage the learners in philosophical, psychological, sociological inquiry of the discourse.
  7. Orientation programmes by various Universities and Institutions of Higher Education for the graduating batch.
  8. Placement talks by various schools and other educational institutions such as Sir Ratan Tata Trust and the Gandhi Fellowship for the graduating batch.
  9. A one day Annual Academic Meet ‘Sehar’ centred round some chosen theme.
  10. Release of Annual Department Newsletter ‘Sehar’ contributed and edited by students from all four years.
  11. The students, in addition to organizing and participating in the events organized by the Department, have also been actively involved in societies like NSS, Dramatics Society, Public Speaking Society, Hindi Debating Society and Prakriti.

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