Students Speak

“The course has changed my perspective about schools, learners and education. Now I realize teaching is not that simplistic as I thought it to be. Now I know that a teacher not just make her learners read and write, but she makes them acquire knowledge and various concepts keeping in mind their diverse social, cultural contexts, their cognitive levels as well as their linguistic profiles.”
-Shilpa Khasa

“Who would have believed to have got this opportunity to present a full fledged Play, and that too, as part of our internal assessment!.. As the director, I watched this play grow and develop with every rehearsal. From an assignment, it became our passion, our love … The assignment gave us the experience and exposure for a teacher who aims to integrate such art forms with classroom pedagogy for enriching her students' teaching-learning experience. The whole experience made us realize the true blending of 'theory' with 'praxis'.”

“The last year was undoubtedly the best. Heading as teachers in schools, realizing the responsibility, managing time and other commitments, I surely feel that internship is not just about preparing plans, executing them, receiving good marks, or submitting reflections, but much beyond that. It actually makes one responsible, courageous, confident and ready to face the world.”
-Arushi Mehta

“The trip to Eklavya, not just helped us in exploring the possibility of conducting innovative activities with children, it also made us look beyond the culture of textbooks in classrooms. The journey by train, those sleepless nights, struggling with reflections, interactive sessions with friends and members of Eklavya, challenging environment which offered a completely new view of looking at things, the jungle ride, fear of ghosts, lush green farms and the smiling faces of Bhopalites! What else could we want!”
- Arushi

"One of our third year Practicum 'Block Teaching' gave us an opportunity to observe those issues in actual classroom settings which we study theoretically in our course such as issue of exclusion on the basis of class, gender, religion, caste and learning ability. It gave us a practical experience to realize what all a teacher needs to do for making the classroom a healthy and facilitating environment for learning.”
- Meenu

“The practicum 'Theatre' touches me as a student and I am sure is helping me evolve as a teacher. I have begun to enjoy my B.El.Ed course, because of theatre classes, it has become a means of celebration of imagination and youthful energy. Theatre makes me realize of my human qualities and I feel more connected to the world and to myself.”
-Sana Faridi